Schmidt medical elevator tribute to life,Precious life,worth the Schmidt elevator with the most comfortable design considerations,with?the fastest transport speed, with the most humane design,with the most secure multiple protection?to the highest respect,Schmidt medical elevator products fully embodies the “people-oriented” design ideas,maximize the creation of a warm and comfortable space for both doctors and patients.

Intelligent computing power, rationally adjust the speed, acceleration – constant speed – deceleration in to ensure the smooth operation of the entire process.
Advanced intelligent leveling technology, leveling accuracy control to the limit, to ensure that wheelchairs and beds can be smooth and out.
The door and the car before the wall collision and buffer design, will reduce to the lowest possible impact,to protect the patient on the bed.

Humanized Design

Schmidt elevator relying on a strong R & D strength,Through the introduction of world-class elevator manufacturing technology, strengthen technological innovation and research and development,Continuous introduction of new products of low carbon energy-saving elevator?for the community to save energy, improve the quality of the building.

Elevator emergency device

Long car design:?According to the actual use of the hospital structure, the use of ultra long deep and heavy load design, to ensure that the bed can be smoothly out of the elevator.
First aid channel design:?Rescue time, start the “first aid” button, into the “first aid channel” function, the formation of a direct access to the special channel, into the car after the “destination floor”,to achieve the most rapid rescue.

“People – oriented” design ideas

UV sterilization device (optional):?In the elevator no load, the regular automatic start and stop UV devices,ultraviolet radiation to prevent cross infection.
Extended door waiting function: For the particularity of the hospital passengers, set the time to open the door waiting time button, give? more time for patients with mobility problems.
Humanized control panel:?Braille characters can be used as a button and low-altitude operation panel to facilitate the use of special people.

Life safety fortress

Full self-help function (optional):?When the power outage caused by downtime, automatically enable the standby power supply device, drive the elevator running at low speed to the best level, and keep the door open, to achieve passenger self-help.
The screen door protection function:?Configuration of high sensitivity infrared light curtain protection, for the scope of the object into the scanning to make a keen response to intelligent protection.
Remote monitoring function: 24 hours a day monitoring, monitoring the status of elevators and passengers at any time, in the event of unexpected conditions to implement the most efficient rescue.

Car Decoration


Car wall:?Hairline stainless steel + mirror stainless steel
Car door: Hairline stainless steel
handrail: Brushed stainless steel
round tube
Floor: PVC flooring


Car wall: stainless steel + acrylic + LED
Car door: hairline stainless steel
Handrail: Brushed stainless steel tube
Floor: PVC floor