Old buildings to install elevators

Building the elevator is involved in a wide range of professional and strong engineering, not only need professional elevator company, also need the government departments at all levels, streets, property companies, design units, construction units and other aspects of the intervention and coordination.As one of the well-known elevator companies in China, Schmidt Elevator has paid close attention to the needs of the community, and has carried out in-depth research on the installation of elevators and accumulated rich experience.The old buildings to install and set up R & D department, hired well-known experts in the industry, after years of market proven, Schmidt elevator installation business to steel structure integrated products, entering the survey, scheme design, production, installation and maintenance all in one service, environmental protection, affordable, fast installation and other characteristics to win the highly recognized by the majority user.

Convenient life

With the increase of urban aging population and the improvement of people’s quality of life, Schmidt quickly installed elevators and helped transform the old buildings to facilitate the life of the elderly.

One stop service installation

Fast-mounted elevator for customers to do a one-stop installation services, to avoid the user sub-items to seek the trouble of suppliers and information asymmetry caused by the impact of the installation of the elevator.

Installing features

Fast-mounted elevators design different optimization solutions according to different installation sites,According to the way to go home, we have set up three programs, that is, the flat floor, home, wrong half floor, home, plus Jianping corridor home, can also be customized according to customer demand design, productionIn addition, the fast loading elevator provides ten kinds of decoration, such as fully transparent glass, color steel tile and aluminum-plastic board, to meet the diversified needs of customers.

① Home plan

Flat floor entrance

Staggered half storey home

② Elevation of connection between hoistway and staircase

No platform direct connection (single door)

Platform less direct connection (through door)

Straight platform

Double ear cross platform

Side platform

③ Exterior decoration three – dimensional renderings

Full transparent glass

Aluminum plate + glass

Aluminum plate

Color steel tile

Fast loading elevator using high integrated production technology of steel structure well and lift equipment in the production workshop within two is a modular, integrated processing, to achieve the organic combination, wells and lift the high unity and perfect matching, truly and building the harmonious coexistence, and high utilization of each other space (area of less than 4m -, avoid lane, blocking fire exits, misappropriation of public resources, affecting the daily life of residents of the phenomenon).When the express elevator is transported to the scene, no re installation is required, the installation time is greatly saved (2-4 hours’ quick installation) and the installation error of the workers on the spot is avoided.

Quick-loading elevator with sub-production combination of sub-standard combination of the needs of the elevator itself, but also consider the characteristics of transport vehicles, transport vehicles to load more compact, higher utilization. This is not only a high degree of savings in loading and unloading of the goods and efficiency, but also greatly save the transport costs, to achieve the details, the real pursuit of higher customer price.

Quick installation of the elevator installation speed is one of its main features, the scene only need to install the sub-section, the site workers can be connected to the segment can not move, less land, micro-noise, effectively reduce the difficulty of operation, Time, 5-storey elevator installation takes only two hours, while increasing the efficiency of the installation will also reduce the degree of nuisance to a minimum.

Construction Plan