Schmidt introduction

Schmidt (Chongqing) elevator factory located in Chongqing Dazu ?Industrial Park,? Close to Yurong Expressway,Yurong Expressway?is the aorta built in the west,?also for the Schmidt elevator ? western market ?laid a leading geographical advantage.Company covers an area of 100 acres, the elevator test tower designed to accommodate six high-performance smart elevator, which high-speed smart elevator reaches 8m / s.The total investment scale of the company is ?210 million yuan, and the annual production capacity is 10000 elevators.Heritage Germany rigorous design and production concept, from the double 32 elevator control system to a variety of user-friendly features, intelligent man-machine dialogue interface,from the solid frame to the beautiful appearance, Schmidt elevator gorgeous behind the most strong security support.We continue to work hard: for the majority of users more comfortable and comfortable use, in order to reduce the energy consumption of each sub, in order to bear the responsibility of the earth citizens, in order to continuously create moving and surprise for customers, product safety, efficiency, low carbon as we Persistent power source.

Company area(㎡)
Total investment scale (RMB)
Annual production of elevators
High speed intelligent elevator

Leading technology

Schmidt Elevator, dedicated to providing a full range of passenger safe transport systems.Adhering to the world’s advanced elevator technology, in particular the introduction of Germany’s advanced security design concept for the Chinese market to provide a more secure, reliable, environmentally friendly and efficient elevator full range of products and services.It also provides innovative and energy-efficient product design solutions that meet the individual needs of our customers.Schmidt Elevator through the internationalization of the collection system and talent pool, the maximum degree of protection of enterprise R & D level and product performance has always maintained the world’s advanced level, in order to achieve “Made in China 2025″ and “intelligent manufacturing in China” will strive to provide more intelligent Safe products and efficient service.

Lean Manufacturing,Heritable Quality

Schmidt elevator treats lean manufacturing as the brand?spirit.With the elevator industry as a carrier and with the help of?German-made fine tip technology, it has accumulated?abundant talents, technologies and capital.The advanced?production equipment and manufacturing technology has been introduced. Under modern products manufacturing system, the?superb production technology and perfect and skilled?equipment management and control processes are combined?to develop innovative energy-saving products and to provide?the cities with safe and comfortable green vertical?transportation equipment.

International Manufacturing?Equipment The World’s?Leading Quality

Schmidt manufacturing base has a number of high-precision CNC punching machine, CNC bending machine, CNC shearing machine, laser cutting machine, welding machine and other German equipment,product manufacturing high precision, the type is complete, and can be tailored according to the actual needs of customers in China’s elevator industry really realized from the humanization to the personalized manufacturing strength of the upgrade.

Sophisticated equipment

Schmit introduced the world-famous cutting-edge technology In?international elevator industry. The superb and skillful elevator?production processes are combined with the leading R & D concepts to?produce satisfactory products for customers. It has all kind of types?and models of elevators, and moreover, the elevators can be tailored?according to the actual needs of customers. In China’ s elevator?industry, it truly roalizes the technological upgrado from the
humanization to personalization.